The development of the video game industry has changed drastically over the past few decades. Along with this change comes the transformation of the marketing methods used by operators to attract users. The Free Game and Bonus features are becoming the mainstream marketing methods in the video game industry. These two features are especially popular in the European video game market and are widely loved by local operators. The popularity of the Free Game and Bonus features is evident in its ability to aim at the needs of its users as a marketing focus, thus increasing its promotional effects. These two features can effectively attract users and expand the brand's popularity. Furthermore, operators are able to enhance their brand's competitiveness in the video game industry while simultaneously increasing user loyalty through long-term promotional activities.

By using PG SOFT™’s Free Game and Bonus features, operators can now freely set Bonus values, Free Game times, bet size, maximum risk value and make different offers based on different user levels. In addition, the two features can also support single or multiple games simultaneously, as well as increasing or adding different users in batches. This can lower the cost of the operators’ marketing activities while also enabling them to develop marketing plans based on the latest market demand.

Relying on just traditional promotional techniques to attract new customers is no longer sufficient in this day and age. PG SOFT™’s team has taken into account the requirements of operators, as well as the quality and gameplay of the games, in order to develop more effective and convenient marketing functions that are more innovative and customizable for the operators.